Acrylic Patching Cement White

Acrylic Patch Coatings

Kool Seal® Storm Patch® Acrylic Patching Cement is designed to stop leaks in damp or dry surface conditions. Its long-lasting and flexible patch seals out water and resists mildew and weathering when cured.


  • Acrylic based technology
  • Seals out water and Resists mildew and weathering when cured
Product # ColorSizeUPCPDSSDS
KS0085100-01 White1 Cart50926002664
KS0085100-16 White1 Gallon50926002862

Additional information

Clean Up

Warm, soapy water

Coverage Rate

Varies depending on type of surface and depth of crack

Dry Time

Exposure to rain or heavy dew: 4-6 hours. Between coats and before foot traffic: 24 hours minimum


Patching cracks, seams, holes & breaks around metal seams, parapet walls, chimney flashings, gutters, vents, stacks, skylights and air conditioners.