Asphalt Patch & Coat

Asphalt Patch Coatings

Kool Seal ® Storm Patch® Asphalt Patch & Coat is an asphalt based patching cement that resists cracking. When cured it is highly water and UV resistant.


  • Resists cracking and UV degradation
  • Applies easily with a brush for patching or can be rolled to coat roofs
  • water-based for easy clean up

Product # ColorSizeUPCPDSSDS
KS0081100-16 Black1 Gallon50926002688
KS0081100-01 Black1 Cart50926002695

Additional information

Clean Up

Immediately with mineral spirits.

Coverage Rate

1 coat at 50 sq. ft/gallon. Two coats recommended

Dry Time

Exposure to rain or heavy dew: 12 hours
Between coats and before foot traffic: 2-4
days. Before elastomeric or aluminum
coatings: 30 days


All asphaltic surfaces, rolled roofing, metal, slate, asphalt/fiberglass shingles, chimney & pipe flashing, metal & wood gutters compostion roofs and driveway cracks, DO NOT use as a coating on asphalt shingles.