Storm Patch Rubberized Leak Sealer

Aerosol Patch Coatings

Kool Seal® Storm Patch® Rubberized Leak Sealer is a corrision resistant


  • Prevents moisture penetration and corrosion
  • Provides a leak free seal
  • Available in a variety of colors
Product # ColorSizeUPCPDSSDS
KS0065100-18 White18 Aero50926002220
KS0065125-18 Black18 Aero50926002213
KS0065150-18 Clear18 Aero50926002206

Additional information

Clean Up

Immediately with mineral spirits.

Coverage Rate

Up to 15 sq ft.

Dry Time

Dries to touch: 10 minutes
Can be coated with Kool Seal Elastomeric
Coatings in 24 hours


Metal, aluminum, masonrym plastic, asphalt/fiberglass shingles, cedar shake, acrylic roof coatings, cement and shake