Elastomeric Process

Apply in 3 or 4 Easy Steps!

The Kool Seal Elastomeric System ensures watertight seals in potential leak areas and protects your building from water damage.

After the roof has been cleaned, (following surface preparation instructions) locate worn areas of roofing material, seams, areas around air vents, flashing and chimneys that need to be repaired. Follow the Kool Seal Elastomeric System: Patch, Reinforce & Coat.


Patch all cracks, leaks and seams around vents, stacks, and air conditioners with White Acrylic Patching Cement .


Next, press the Kool Flexx Reinforcing Grid into freshly applied White Acrylic Patching Cement .

Note: The flexible grid pattern of Kool Flexx "Locks" into the cured Kool Seal patching cement and moves with the expansion and contraction of the crack giving you a water tight protection against leaks.

After applying the reinforcing grid, apply another coat of White Acrylic Patching Cement over the grid and smooth it out.


Use a soft roof brush or roller to apply Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating. Avoid excessive brushing and spread coating uniformly.

Apply two coats. Apply the first coat in one direction and the second coat in a cross direction. The first coat needs to dry before applying the second coat. Typical dry time will normally take 4-6 hours depending on humidity and temperature. Use product directly from the container. DO NOT THIN. Apply on a dry roof, pouring and spreading a small amount at a time.

Based on temperature and humidity it is recommended that you stop applying by three o'clock in the afternoon. We recommend that you refer to label directions before applying.

PRIME (Indicated roof types only)

After preparing the surface, apply two coats of primer with brush or roller as described under COAT, above. Then proceed with Patch, Reinforce, and Coat steps as described above.

We recommend that you refer to label directions before applying Kool-Lastik Primer. Primer MUST be topcoated.

Converts black asphalt roofs to reflective white.

Stops leaks and improves top-coat adhesion on all roof types.

Recommended for use on:
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Rolled Roofing
  • Bonded Tar and Gravel
  • Built-up Roofs
  • Most Asphaltic Surfaces
  • Roof areas where water ponds