Three Easy Steps

for Kool Seal Aluminum Roof Coatings

The Kool Seal 3-Step System ensures watertight seals in potential leak areas and protects your building from water damage. It is important to follow the 3-Step System to be covered by the Kool Seal 5 Year Aluminum Coatings warranty.

After the roof has been cleaned, (following surface preparation instruction) locate worn areas of roofing material, seams, areas around air vents, flashing and chimneys that need to be repaired. Follow the Kool Seal 3-Step System: Patch, Reinforce & Coat.


Patch all cracks, leaks and seams around vents, stacks, and air conditioners with Kool Seal UV Resistant Black Patch & Coat.


Next, press the Kool Flexx Reinforcing Grid into freshly applied Kool Seal UV Resistant Black Patch & Coat.

Note: The flexible grid pattern of Kool Flexx "Locks" into the cured Kool Seal patching cement and moves with the expansion and contraction of the crack giving you a water tight protection against leaks.

After applying the reinforcing grid, apply another coat of Kool Seal UV Resistant Black Patch & Coat over the grid and smooth it out.


NOTE: Turn cans upside down 24 hours prior to use and mix thoroughly before application. Continue to mix during application!

For best results, apply Aluminum Coating with a roof brush. Avoid excessive brushing and spread uniformly. Use product directly from the container. DO NOT THIN. Apply on a dry roof, pouring and spreading a small amount at a time. The coating will attain full brightness as it cures.

A clear, warm day is recommended for application. Do not apply when temperature is below 50F or humidity is high. Do not apply when coating will be exposed to rain or dew before it has dried completely (approximately 4 to 6 hours). Drying time varies depending on weather conditions.

Use mineral spirits to clean tools and spills - follow package directions.