Aluminum Roof Coatings

The roof coating system that won't be beat, Kool Seal Aluminum Roof Coating is the first aluminum roof coating product warranted in the consumer market.

Known for outstanding quality, these coatings are available in two grades—Ultra High Performance and Standard. Both are recommended for use on Metal, Asphalt, Modified Bitumen, Rolled Roofing, and Aged Aluminum Coating.

For best results, be sure to follow the Kool Seal Aluminum 3-step process.

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Ultra High Performance Aluminum Roof Coating

Our finest aluminum roof coating offers a 5-year consumer warranty. The unique formulation is especially developed to provide longer life. It protects against moisture, reduces sunlight heat build up and keeps building interiors cooler--providing energy savings up to 30%.

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Aluminum Roof Coating

This asphalt-based aluminum protects against moisture and also reflects sunlight to keep building interiors cooler.

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