Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the White Elastomeric be tinted or painted over?

A. We recommend using no more than 2 oz. per gallon of the tint. This will result in light to medium shades. For the White Elastomeric (63-300) using one quarter of the recommended tint for a tint base color line will produce a color similar to the selected tint base color chip, but the undertones will be off. Levels of the tint over 2 oz. per gallon will make the coating more sensitive to water which can cause blistering. Although our product can be tinted, we do not warranty against the fading of color. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to achieve a dark shade. If you want a Dark Red, Navy Blue, or Green you can paint over the coating with a latex exterior paint. NOTE: This will diminish the reflective nature of the coating.

Q. After the Aluminum dries, what color will it be?

A. Silver

Q. Are Kool Seal products fibered or non-fibered?

A. Kool Seal Elastomeric products are non-fibered. Kool Seal aluminum coatings are fibered, but not with asbestos.

Q. What is the best way to apply the Elastomeric and Aluminum roof coatings?

A. The Elastomeric can be applied by using a brush, heavy nap roller, or an industrial paint sprayer. Thinning of the Elastomeric is not needed. Our Aluminum roof coating can be best applied by using a roofing brush with an extended handle. We recommend flipping the unopened container of Aluminum over a day or two before application; this helps mix the Aluminum.

Q. Do any of the coatings have an insulation value?

A. The reflective properties will aid in producing energy savings. Our products have been designed and manufactured to reflect heat from the sun. By using the Gray & Black Elastomeric, you can draw the warmth of the sun.

Q. What patching cement is recommended for use with my roof coating system?

A. The Elastomeric roof coating system requires the use of our Kool Seal White Patching Cement. This is an acrylic-based system. Our Aluminum roof coating system requires the use of our Kool Patch Black Patching Cement. This is an asphalt-based system.

Q. Can I buy the product directly from Kool Seal?

A. You can purchase Kool Seal products through participating retail stores only. Visit our Where To Buy page to find a Kool Seal retailer near you.

Q. Do I need to thin the coating?

A. Thinning the coatings is not needed OR recommended.

Q. How thick is the Elastomeric roof coating?

A. The consistency of the Elastomeric coating is between that of house paint and latex caulk.

Q. Do I need to mix the Elastomeric? Aluminum?

A. The Elastomeric needs little or no mixing, while the Aluminum needs to be mixed thoroughly from the bottom up.

Q. How should Kool Seal products be stored?

A. Kool Seal roof coatings should always be stored at room temperature. Keep from freezing!

Q. Do I need to use the patching cement and fabric tape although I have no leaks?

A. These products and the Kool Flexx Reinforcing Grid must be used if your roof is to be covered by the Kool Seal Warranty. Additionally, they are required to create a water-tight seal.

Q. What is TSP and where can I buy it?

A. In our preparation instructions, we recommend washing the prepared surface with a "TSP" solution. TSP stands for Tri-Sodium Phosphate, a heavy-duty cleaning agent found in the cleaning section of most hardware stores.

Q. How do I clean up after coating?

A. The Elastomeric can be removed with soap and water, while the product is still wet. A latex caulk remover or "Goof Off" paint remover may work if the coating has dried. You can use a low flash point paint remover or mineral spirits to clean up the Aluminum.

Q. Can the coatings be walked on?

A. Kool Seal coatings are tough, and can withstand normal wear and tear from periodic surface inspection, etc. However, Kool Seal coatings are not recommended for any type of high traffic areas.

Q. Will Kool Seal roof coatings extend the life of my roof?

A. Reducing the surface temperature and protecting it from the sun's damaging rays slow oxidation and should extend the life of a structurally sound roof.

Please consult a qualified roof contractor if you feel your roof has deteriorated beyond the point where you can protect it.

Q. Can I use a spray application for any of your products?

A. All of our Acrylic Resin products (63-600, 63-300) can be sprayed. Pump one gallon per minute with at least 2000 p.s.i. fluid pressure. Tip sizes of .021 with a 10” pattern or .025 for 12” pattern. When spraying our primer (34-600), you need to reduce the p.s.i. to 1000 for proper spray pattern. Other factors are hose lengths not to exceed 250 feet of ½”. For big jobs, you’ll need a 3600 p.s.i. pump giving 4 gallons per minute, tip sizes .031 to .035” when hose excess 250, ¾” hoses are required. Primers may exceed 250 feet of ½” hose. These are recommendations for proper performance.